Spring Grove Police Department is a
DesignatedSafe Haven

Public Act 93-0820, amending The Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act became effective on July 27, 2004. The Spring Grove Police Department has placed a sign in the entrance of the Village Offices which designates our location as a “Safe Haven” for abandoned babies.

The link below provides detailed information on this program as well as safety information for mothers.  We encourage anyone with questions about this program to visit this site and use the resources that are available.

                  Click here for more information.

                  Click here for more information.

New parents can be under severe emotional or psychological distress. At times this can lead to poor decisions regarding their newborn infant. There have been instances where newborns have been abandoned in unsafe environments which causes injury or death to the child. We want everyone to know that the Spring Grove Police Department is a safe environment where a newborn can be relinquished.

The parent(s) can remain anonymous if they choose and avoid any civil or criminal liability for the act of relinquishing the infant.