We, the men and women of the Spring Grove Police Department, are dedicated to the pursuit of professionalism and excellence in all we do. We continually strive to build and reinforce our capacity for serving Spring Grove and its people in a spirit of trust, cooperation, and reliability. 

With a view to the future of Spring Grove and our desire to contribute to our Village’s growth, progress, and quality of life, we embrace and pledge ourselves to the following mission and goals:

  • We exist and act to promote and sustain a safe, orderly, and positive environment for all people in the Village of Spring Grove.
  • We seek to serve as a resource in support of our Village, its government, and its people by providing public safety, investigations, crime prevention, and other services that enhance the quality of life in Spring Grove.
  • We strive to improve the integrated services we offer and to cultivate our cooperative relationships with other law enforcement agencies by making optimal use of available technological resources and by encouraging the highest standards of performance among our organization’s most valuable asset – the men and women of the Spring Grove Police Department.
  • We advocate, support, recognize, and encourage leadership and innovation within our own organization and within the entire law enforcement community.
  • We acknowledge that the diversity of background and experience characterizing the men and women of the Spring Grove Police Department is the principal source of our organization’s strength – and we provide for the personal and professional growth and development of our members.
  • We recognize that the people of this community should feel secure in knowing that the Spring Grove Police Department is available day or night to aid, comfort, and respond to any and all requests – no matter how large or small – and no matter the situation.