The Neighborhood Watch Program enables the police and the community to work together to make specific geographical areas more crime-resistant.  It is a community-based effort, designed to partner village residents with the police in preventing crimes. In harmony with the philosophy of Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch encourages strong working relationships between the police and the residents of Spring Grove.

Neighborhood Watch programs are known to instill a greater sense of security and well-being. They can also reduce the fear of crime in the community as well as create a greater "sense of community" and put the "neighbor" back into "neighborhood." Neighborhood Watch also brings law enforcement and the community together as a team to help reduce criminal activity. 

Neighborhood Watch is a program that:

1) Teaches citizens how to reduce the risk of victimization at home and away

2) Trains citizens on the importance of recognizing suspicious activities and how to report them

3) Teaches residents how to make their homes more secure

4) Allows neighbors to get to know each other so that any suspicious activity can be reported promptly

5) Creates a cohesive body of active residents that can address issues that concern the entire community

While a Neighborhood Watch program is normally thought of as being most effective in high-crime areas, it can also be used as a vehicle to enhance a neighborhood that is not experiencing problems. 

All that is needed to start a Neighborhood Watch group is a person who is willing to act as a "captain."  The Captain, along with police department Community Liaison Officer, distributes invitations to homes in a designated neighborhood and assists in facilitating a Neighborhood Watch meeting. At the meeting, the Community Liaison Officer would address the group regarding issues such as suspicious situations, when and how to contact the police, and improving residential security and awareness. If a sufficient number of homes are represented, Neighborhood Watch signs are installed in the neighborhood.