Safe and Proper Medication Disposal

Unused medications left in medicine cabinets and other areas around the home have become a concern.  All medication must be placed in a sealed container before being placed into the disposal receptacle.

  • Prescription drugs are easy to get from medicine cabinets.
  • Teens think that prescription drugs are safer to use than illegal drugs.
  • Unused medications improperly disposed of can harm you and the environment.
  • Children or pets could find the medication and swallow it.
  • Drugs that are flushed may be released into the soil which can lead to groundwater contamination.

In order to continue promoting public safety, the Spring Grove Police Department has installed a prescription drug collection box. Money obtained from drug seizures was used to purchase the box for this important community safety program.

Items that cannot be accepted:

  • Liquids
  • Needles
  • Glass

For information on disposal of needles, click the following link:

Remove any labels to protect personal information. The disposal box is located in the lobby of the Spring Grove Police Department and no questions will ever be asked when using this important resource.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Your participation is appreciated!